Kōloa Aged Rum Released

Jan 18, 2018

Chase the post-holiday season blues away with something new from the Kōloa Rum Company.

We are eager to share with you the first of its kind, Kōloa 12 Barrel Select Kaua‘i Reserve Aged Hawaiian Rum.

A new year is representative of new beginnings. Our Kaua‘i Reserve is a masterpiece, handcrafted with care by our Kōloa Rum experts and reflective of decades of Hawaiian tradition. The best way to describe this premium, aged Hawaiian rum – authentic.

Crafted in single batches at the Kalaheo distillery, Kaua‘i Reserve is made from the finest Hawaiian sugarcane, distilled with fresh island water that is naturally filtered through volcanic strata before it reaches its final destination: an underground aquifer.

Kaua‘i Reserve is meticulously aged for a minimum of three years in hand-selected white oak barrels. Each bottle is carefully filled, inspected and numbered to ensure the quality and taste Kōloa Rum is known for.  We are proud to share our premium Hawaiian rum contains no added sugar or ingredients. All natural, all Hawai‘i.

Kōloa Rum Company president & CEO Bob Gunter shares, “Our Kauai Reserve pours elegantly from the bottle, with a warm golden hue and a bouquet of mellow oak, orange peel and toasted vanilla. This rum is remarkably smooth with rich, complex flavors that linger long after the last sip.”

Feel the Spirit of Aloha with a glass of Kaua‘i Reserve Aged Hawaiian Rum, neat or on the rocks.

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