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The award-winning and authentic Hawaiian ingredients and flavors found in Kōloa Rum allow customers to experience the Spirit of Aloha in every sip, wherever they may be. The premium quality of Kōloa Rum reflects the company’s unwavering commitment to producing the finest rum possible.
Kōloa Rum is focused on the craft of developing delicious rum that appeals to spirits enthusiasts of all kinds – from slow sippers who judge a rum on its merits alone – to the home mixologist wanting to add a splash of Hawaiʻi to their cocktails – to bar owners and restaurateurs seeking authenticity, consistency and taste to complement its beverage program.
Our distributors play a key role in sharing the smooth, rich and authentically Hawaiian taste of Kōloa Rum, and bringing the Aloha way of life to on-premise locations and retailers throughout the mainland United States and beyond.
For more info on how to join the Kōloa Rum Company ohana and distribute our premium Hawaiian rum, please click contact us below:

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