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In Hawaii, “talk story” is the local slang for “shooting the breeze.” Check out our Kōloa Rum talk story page and keep up with the latest news, events, products and updates:

Kōloa Named One of the Top American Rums

19 Jul 2019

Koloa Hawaii has a full-fledged rum industry of its own, but no rum has been able to carve out a stronger position than Koloa, which produces a range of spiced,...

Welcome to the Kōloa Talk Story Blog, AKA Rum 101!

10 May 2019

If you are here on Kaua’i or are planning to visit the island, we’d like to invite you to stop by our Tasting Room and Company Store, centrally located in...

Congress Bill Benefits Kōloa Rum Distributors

25 Mar 2018

Last year, congress passed a tax bill benefiting the alcohol industry and specifically small brewers and distillers. Forbes reports that the distilled spirits market in the US continues to grow...

Kōloa Rum Company Supports Community Flood Relief

07 Mar 2018

Kōloa Rum Company has been very fortunate to avoid damage from the recent flooding. However, many businesses and families in the community have been affected. In the true Spirit of...

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