How Kōloa Rum is Made

Since our first batch of rum was bottled and distilled in September 2009, the Kōloa Rum
Company has been bringing The Spirit of Aloha to the world.

To produce Kōloa Rum, we first start with pristine rainwater from Mount Waiʻaleʻale and the nearby mountain peaks and rainforests that filtered through volcanic strata into vast underground aquifers. Our rums only use pure “tall cane” sugarcane, locally sourced coffee, chocolate and ingredients to develop authentic flavors of the spirits we produce.

Using these unique, authentic ingredients, our premium Hawaiian rums are twice-distilled, blended, bottled, and shipped directly from the distillery in Kalaheo, on the south side of the beautiful Garden Isle of Kauaʻi. The Kōloa Rum Distillery Team is proud to produce and ship across the U.S. mainland, Australia, Austria, France, Germany, Japan and Western Canada. Our rums are distilled in single batches using our vintage (circa 1947) 1,210-gallon copper-pot still, with a copper column and condenser. During the second distillation, the distillate is collected in three sections – heads, heart, and tails. Kōloa Rum uses only the heart of the batch.

Our unique distillation process and quality ingredients used combine to provide the smooth, clean and polished flavor and aroma characteristics that distinguishes Kōloa Rum from most others.

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