Company Store & Tasting Room Assistant Manager

The Company Store & Tasting Room Assistant Manager’s role is to assist with managing the store and tasting room successfully. This position requires strong leadership and excellent customer service skills. A successful candidate will show initiative and take responsibility.

General responsibilities of the job include:

• Assist with recruiting, training, and supervising staff
• Collaborate with retail staff to assist with daily operations, IT issues and opening/ closing duties
• Handle customer queries and feedback and ensure staff provides excellent customer service
• Be aware of and help to ensure compliance with health and county, state, and federal liquor control regulations
• Secure cash and make bank deposits daily, every other day if safe is available, while never exceeding more than two days’ deposits in safe
• Assist with and ensure company policies and procedures are followed
• Fill in for Store Manager in times of absence, including store errands
• Assist with developing strategies for better workplace efficiencies and achievement of goals
• Other tasks as needed to assist store manager

Detailed Responsibilities (with guidance from Store Manager):

• Purchase inventory based on current trends, availability of new products, and customer interest
• Create purchase orders (PO’s)
• Gather sales information from Shopify
• Work with vendors on product availability and substitutions
• Track and monitor orders
• Receive and tag/ price product, with assistance from retail staff
• Process invoices with PO’s correctly for accounting/ payment
• Ensure availability of merchandise and maintain inventory
• Assist with merchandising in store
• Help to maintain back storage rooms cleanliness and organization
• Create items in Shopify, add descriptions and photos as needed
• Maintain the E-store: process all orders and monitor email inquires
• Study for and pass the red card test, in accordance with Kauai Liquor Control Commission, within 30 days
• Minimize loss to Koloa Rum Co. by identifying incidents of theft and fraud. Train staff to identify threats

Other Duties:

• The employee will handle themself in a manner that demonstrates professionalism, expertise, integrity, and commitment to the company and department goals.
• The employee demonstrates the ability to identify problems, present alternatives, creative solutions, and assess consequences.
• The employee demonstrates flexibility by being open to new/ alternate ideas and demonstrates flexibility in response to changing demands.
• The employee’s presence positively enhances the work of a team.
• The employee uses clear, concise language to provide timely and accurate written and oral communication.
• The employee demonstrates integrity, honesty, a sense of responsibility, and accountability in the performance of all tasks

Key Skills:

• Customer Service
• Organization
• Sales
• Merchandising
• Product Knowledge
• Dependability
• Attention to Detail
• Time Management
• Team Player
• Critical Thinker
• Written and Verbal Communication
• Interpersonal Skills
• Ability to lift 50 lbs. and stand for 8 hours
• Proven ability as a Retail Assistant Manager, or similar position

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