Last year, congress passed a tax bill benefiting the alcohol industry and specifically small brewers and distillers. Forbes reports that the distilled spirits market in the US continues to grow and premiumization is trending across all industry categories.

This made for a groundbreaking year for us at the Kōloa Rum Company, as 2017 was a year of growth not only for our ohana on Kaua‘i, but for the opportunity to reinvest in our business and expand distribution efforts to the US mainland and across the world as well.

Founder and CEO Bob Gunter comments on the reasons for Kōloa Rum’s success: quality, authenticity and uniqueness.

“Consumers nowadays are much more discerning in terms of what they buy,” Gunter observes, “They want to know how a product is made, where it’s made, its story. We have a very compelling story to tell– we are a true product of Kaua‘i.”

Most of the people involved in this operation are Kaua‘i locals who care deeply about preserving the island’s land and traditions. The Kōloa Rum Company promotes sustainable agricultural practices, diversifying the local economy and providing meaningful employment opportunities for the people of Kauaʻi, currently employing 31 individuals in Hawai‘i.

Everything Kōloa Rum Company does is deeply rooted in its Hawaiian heritage and reflects a commitment to supporting ohana – by bottling the Spirit of Aloha in premium rums and ready-to-drink cocktails.

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