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Fancy Sipper

Fancy Sipper


1.75 oz Kōloa Kaua’i Spice Rum
.75 oz Kōloa Kaua’i Coffee Rum
3 Dashes Lemon Bitters

Method: Shake Kōloa Kaua’i Spice Rum, Kōloa Kaua’i Coffee Rum, and lemon bitters with ice. Using a double strainer, strain into a chilled glass. Twist lemon peel over the cocktail to express oils and enhance flavor.

Garnish: Lemon Peel

Tricks of the Trade: Bitters are a great way to balance a cocktail just as you would with salt. With the multitude of different flavored bitters, adding a few dashes can change a cocktail enhancing flavors and create complexity.

Instructions: Shake ingredients over ice and strain into a coupe glass.